Do you need to call the agents of change?

If you’re looking for a tick and flick approach to business transformation and change management, then stop reading now.

Actually, we’re not too fond of the term change management (CM) because most people don’t understand it. The name was invented by consultants and can sound a bit, well… fluffy—and we are anything but fluffy (we didn’t call ourselves GSD for nothing!).

In reality, CM is not about management; it’s about leadership. And so is transformation. It’s about understanding why your organisation needs to change and being the champion that leads it.

As agents of change, our role is to help you get it done.

In reality CM is not about management, it’s about leadership.

How do I know I need to change?

The answer to that lies in how you answer these two questions: How’s business? And how’s morale?

In commercial businesses, you will know change is needed if your operating results start to head south, or customers start to take their business elsewhere. In the public sector or not-for-profits, the drivers of change can be different, such as alterations to policy, programs, or funding models. In all sectors, the impetus for change can come from proactive strategic decisions to alter business structures or update business systems, processes, and technologies.

To change your outcomes, you need to change something you’re doing now (and that implies knowing what you are doing now!). We hear a lot of “why I can’t” and “why I shouldn’t”, but the reality is that if you do nothing, that’s exactly what will happen. So you can go on making excuses—that it’s just the economy or lack of funding—or you can call in GSD to help:

  • build a compelling business case to get things moving
  • create the vision and roadmap to get you there
  • analyse and confirm where the problem(s) may be
  • plan the changes you need/want to make
  • deliver the changes you wish to sustain into the future.

We hear a lot of "why I can’t" and "why I shouldn’t" but the reality is that if you do nothing, that’s exactly what will happen.

Dive, dive, dive!

When we partner with a client, we like to start with a deep dive—read “a deeper understanding and listening”. That in itself can be quite challenging for some.

GSD’s chief agent, John Mazengarb, comes from an accounting forensics and business systems background. John’s been on both sides of the fence—as both a service provider and a customer—so there’s no hiding from his probing analysis. He’s found that the search for the elephant in the room can sometimes lead to a need to kill off a few sacred cows. 

the search for the elephant in the room can sometimes lead to a need to kill off a few sacred cows.

John’s philosophy is quite simple: you need to drill into things to see what’s there, do the relevance checks, and offer fearless advice.

John has always been a big-picture thinker and is a champion of good governance. He is inspired by personal journeys and success against all odds. If you’re looking for a pragmatist with a holistic eye, then John is the right person to lead and/or support your project.


Transformation Project Consultant

T +61 418 127 062


Change Management Consultant

T +61 448 028 889

The people factor

Kerrie Mazengarb is GSD’s chief change agent. She believes that

change is more about people than process.

You can lead a horse to water… but if people don’t want to change then you haven’t given them a compelling enough reason. Too often, Kerrie has seen CM relegated to a training and communication tick-box exercise towards the end of a project. But that’s not how it works. Kerrie and her team can help you, from the outset, to paint a picture of the effect of change on your organisation. She can make it real and make it stick.

Kerrie subscribes to the wirearchy not hierarchy principal. Nothing works in isolation, everything is connected. Anyone in an organisation can be a change champion, but it is imperative that there is active and visible sponsorship from the top down.

Are you ready to make a start? If so, then Kerrie is the person you need to get it done.

Keeping on track

Don’t drop the ball when you’ve done all the hard work. Agent Mick is the man who can help you stay on the right path. He’s the people person that can turn his hand to just about any task that involves people, process, or technology. We should really call him Jack, because he’s our Jack of all trades.

Mick believes that

knowing is the first step of doing.

He thinks it’s a must to understand your business and what your drivers are so that he can help steer you and your business in the right direction. He has great experience in project management but loves to get hands-on troubleshooting and analysing problems.


Project Management Consultant


Senior Business Analyst

We can help you find the happy path

Agent Divya is our process management guru. She has a knack of being able to make sense of complex processes and translating them into common language. She calls it “finding the happy path”. Divya does this by first deconstructing what is already in place, to then understand where the barriers to efficiency or participation may be. She connects and embeds herself within your operational team.

Understanding your world is important to Divya.

She is part of the deep-dive analysis at the beginning of a project and is there with you and your team ’til the end.

Why did we create gsd?

Because we could see the need for end-to-end transformative business consultants who had the nous and the wherefore to roll their sleeves up, get in there, and get the job done.

“While other consultants are chewing the fat
We’re already in there, rocking and rolling
Doing the heavy lifting
Transforming the landscape
Sorting out problems
And getting sh#t done.”


Project Management Consultant

Sounds like a job for the Pragmatist

Have you ever had an IT project thrown over the fence to IT support without established operational processes, training, and no updates to your support documentation?

IT service management and project management frameworks both serve different purposes, but when combined within an organisation, they ultimately create great synergy. The combination of both can be highly beneficial for your organisation and bring measurable, incremental improvements that will help drive your organisational change and ensure project benefits are realised.

Siggy is passionate about ensuring the projects he delivers are quality implementations with the added benefit of ensuring that your IT operations are ready and able to support the new system.

Whether you need to get your new IT implementation support singing in perfect harmony, transform the way your IT project delivery teams interact with IT support, or start your IT implementation with the right structure, then Agent Siggy is the safest pair of hands that we know.

The Fixer

Sometimes, to get sh#t done, you need to fix sh#t first. Matt thrives on taking on the more challenging project and operational problems: the kind that slow you down, spin your wheels, or bring you to a sudden stop.

Sometimes you just need a little extra innovation in your team to get you over those more difficult obstacles.

How? Roll up the sleeves, get amongst your people, understand your unique situation, and then throw a wealth of practical experience into guiding and mentoring your team to a successful outcome. Whether your obstacles relate to project management, service delivery, supplier management, governance, business case development, proposition development, or procurement, Agent Matt is on the case.


Operational Change Consultant

Agent Sam Scurrah

Change & Project Management

The Journeyman

To be successful in any change or improvement initiative, you have to bring people along for the ride. That’s where the Journeyman comes in. Sam’s core drive is genuinely relating to people at all levels within an organisation, understanding their motivations, and what drives them.

Once he gets you, Sam’s focus switches to the impacts that can arise from changes to the organisation. Only then can you begin to understand what you need to do and who you need to spend time with to ensure that people are best placed to absorb changes and thrive in a new and improved environment.

The Steady Hand

Agent Shane brings a sense of calm and patience to project management. He practises a “no-ego” approach that emphasises openness and transparency both within teams and across the spectrum of stakeholders (in other words, he won’t BS you).

Shane likes to bring a measure of pragmatic creativity to projects, never losing sight of the project objectives but knowing that the path to success is rarely a straight line (and that sometimes you even need to backtrack a little). This may sound unconventional, but it has the grain of truth that Shane finds appealing—and he makes it work by applying sound project management fundamentals as well as his dedication to positive relationships, transparency, and honest advice.

Agent Shane Howlett

Project Management


The Coaxer

Arianne is inspired by courage: the courage to try something different, take on impossible challenges, and enjoy the journey; the courage to reflect and laugh, celebrate successes, and gain insight from failures; the courage to trust your team, accept people’s differences, and spot hidden strengths from a mile away.

…comfort zones tend to hold things back and create complacency

She believes that comfort zones tend to hold things back and create complacency: nothing pleases her more than seeing people and businesses challenge their comfort zones and be rewarded with amazing results.

The Discoverer

Diane loves learning new things and helping people, which can only be a good thing when it comes to documenting processes or designing and delivering training.

A combination of British understatement and northern pragmatism means she quietly goes about the task in hand and always delivers to a high standard.  She’s fascinated by language, is a good listener, and has an uncanny ability to transform tech-speak into plain English.

Diane has worked in many countries and industries, and always enjoys sharing her experiences and immersing herself in new environments. Clients often extend her contracts multiple times because they can’t bear to part with her skills.

Now settled in Hobart, Diane enjoys all that Tasmania has to offer: exploring the landscape, wining and dining, and curling up with a good book.

Diane Eggerton

Project Consultant

Agent Penny Sears

The Bridge Builder

Agent Penny won’t just help build bridges; she’ll help you and your team get over them and reach your destination.

Passionate about linking the right people with the right knowledge in order to get the job done properly, Penny sees the big picture. Need your people to not only support their teams and your business during the project but to keep doing so well after it has finished? Penny will help you join the dots to leave a robust structure behind that will continue to perform long after your project is finished.

Her extensive change management experience, coupled with project management knowledge, gives her a unique problem-solving edge and an uncanny knack for seeing issues coming before they become a serious (and expensive) problem. She’s a big believer in planning for change early, so your project can maximise those vital outcomes.

Numbers Ninja

When you think finance, do you think empathy, compassion, and intuition? Agent Sue is a financial professional with a real difference and the ideal person to support any business requiring financial analysis, reporting, or policy creation assistance.

Sue’s extensive experience in both the private and government sector has given her a well-rounded knowledge of organisations and how to navigate them to get things done.

Laser-like accuracy, coupled with warm people skills and strong management qualities, make Sue a flexible team player who gets people and results. Her ability to see beyond the numbers and through to the objectives and goals that drive people will help any project run smoother and more efficiently.

With Agent Sue, numbers are just the beginning.

Agent Sue Dewhurst

Agent Tanya Bowden

The Outcomes Enabler

Anyone can implement anything. It’s the results, effects, and outcomes that really matter.

Every good strategy starts with insight. Agent Tanya’s ability to draw meaningful insights from people and organisations helps her develop and implement successful strategies that motivate and engage any team she’s a part of.

With a love of design thinking and collaboration tempered by data-driven and evidence-based learnings, Tanya’s focus on business excellence, outcomes, and tangible benefits make her an asset to any organisation.

If your project needs passion, then Tanya is here to inject it and help you achieve great outcomes.

Undercover agents

Some of our agents are specialists who prefer to remain undercover because they also have a day job as independent providers in their own right. They choose to be a covert part of the GSD team because they can see the value in collaborating with a broader skillset of professionals that they normally wouldn’t have the chance to work with. We call them in when we need a further fresh set of eyes or particular skills and experience to resolve a challenge. It’s a win/win for everyone.

No fixed address

Your project is our project. We are based in Hobart, Tasmania but we don’t have a corporate office because we don’t like working at arm’s length: we operate from where the need is. We work with you, amongst you. It’s the best way to get sh#t done.

So what’s it going to be?

You want to make a change? You want to lead your organisation to greener pasture? You want a flexible partner who will work with you? Then you need the agents of change.

You need to GSD.

Let's get started